Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Reminder

Hey guys, just another reminder of the Alfred Hitchcock blogathon that Rob and I will be hosting in August! If you haven’t picked a film, there are still plenty to choose from. If you have, there are plenty more if you would like another!



Hey Guys,

Just wanted to send out a reminder about the upcoming Hitchcock blogathon that Zoe and I will be hosting in August.

If you haven’t yet chosen a movie, there are still a bunch available. We would like to get as many people to participate as possible, so if you know of anyone who might be interested in joining, let them know that there are still some movies open.

Here is a list of his movies to choose from for the blogathon. Those not crossed off are still available.

Also, anyone who already chose a movie, we hope that you have started to watch and review your choice and hope to get your review within the next two weeks. Thanks to those who have already sent us their reviews.

Looking forward to seeing what you all have done for this blogathon!

Rob (and Zoe)

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12 thoughts on “Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon Reminder

  1. I definitely didn’t forget about this, Zoe! I’m hoping another guest blogger will participate as well, it’s a special post on The Birds! 😉


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