Sporadic Scene: (500) Days of Summer (2009) – You Make My Dreams (Dance)

This is one of those movies that I adored. It was fresh and different and not some ridiculous rom-com that wasted time and energy. Instead, it gave me some good laughs, some things to chew on, solid performances and some really memorable scenes. This scene with Joseph Gordon Levitt is really super cool, shot so well and it comes together perfectly. It gives testament to the movie that having something like this in it didn’t even break the stride of the film, yet it fits in fantastically without the movie being anything like this clip.

If you have a scene that you would like featured, drop me a mail at sporadiczoe@hotmail.com with a picture/gif/video of the scene and an explanation as to why (should you want to include it).

22 thoughts on “Sporadic Scene: (500) Days of Summer (2009) – You Make My Dreams (Dance)

  1. This movie shows up somewhere in my top 50 favorites. 🙂 The scene I really liked was when he quit his job. I thought JGL was great in this role. 🙂


  2. Aw this scene is perfect! Not to mention exactly what goes through every person’s mind after a good night of passionate love-making. Or as the dudes call it, “banging”.


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