Afternoon Delight for the Gents

Here’s another compilation of some hotties, but this time for the guys!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Well, as promised, us ladies got to look at some truly delectable men last week, it meant that I would put something out here for you gentlemen. I went on a hunt, I went on a mission, ultimately I have come up with some luscious ladies I hope that you will all appreciate!

Ladies, so that this is not a total waste of a post (unless you are dropping by to check if your girl crush made the list), here’s a pic of Tom Hardy…


Anyhow, I thought I would get this started with Eva Green, what a stunner!

eva green

eva green (3)

Moving on to the endlessly sexy Mélanie Laurent!

melanie laurent (3)melanie laurent (4)

No man will let me live it down if I do not include Scarlett Johansson and her curves.

scarjo (1)

scarlett johansson animated GIFscarjo

Yvonne Strahovski, in all her glory.

Yvonne Strahovski Maxim Australia March 2012-8

Sheri Moon Zombie, still rocking that alternative style!


The stunning, gorgeous, and super cute Emma Stone!

emma-stone-hotkiss animated GIF

black and white animated GIF

Jessica Chastain, hot stuff right here!

jessica chastain (1)


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