Sporadic Scene: Breaking Bad (Season 2×08) – Criminal Lawyer

One of the funniest things about Breaking Bad is, without any shadow of a doubt, Saul Goodman. The man is such a snake! Jesse’s logic was perfect when defending why they were going to use Saul Goodman.

If you have a scene that you would like featured, drop me a mail at sporadiczoe@hotmail.com with a picture/gif/video of the scene and an explanation as to why (should you want to include it).

22 thoughts on “Sporadic Scene: Breaking Bad (Season 2×08) – Criminal Lawyer

    • Dearest PSC,

      I am going on to episode three of season two, but I have watched until about episode five of season three before, I just need to play catch up on it so that I know what is going on. GoT was so bland when season three started… plus I was in a Spartacus withdrawal. Probably didn’t help matters.




      • Sexiest SB,

        I did love some Spartacus!! Maybe we should do a run on all of those sometime…..?




      • My Fairest and Kindest PSC,

        Oh my gosh YES!!!!!! I LOVED that show… it was so insane and intense and awesome and yesss… we must do this!




      • Most Highly Favored SB,

        Sounds good – I would like to watch those again! I can see us having fun with boobs and peeps. We’ll iron out the details later. Off to sin and get some caffeine –




      • Special PSC,

        Yes, I think that this is something we shall definitely discuss. I think this could certainly work.

        Enjoy it!




      • sorry to break into this thread, but “Most Highly Favored SB” might be the most creative one i’ve seen yet! 😛


  1. That video doesn’t work 😦 I know what it is, though, and it’s AWESOME, just like all of Breaking Bad which is super duper genius great! 😀


      • Well, it was a choice of starting on this or Game Of Thrones. I think you know which I chose. ; ) And now I can’t watch that one anymore!!! Lol! Yet Breaking Bad is still readily available to me… But now I really want to see the rest of Game Of Thrones first somehow. : (


      • True that. Well, maybe you should start this in the meanwhile, also a short season, every season. Hmmmm, I know the feeling. I was very out of love with Thrones season three but OMG those last few episodes… eeeeeeek!


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