Oracle of Film’s X-Men Parody Posters

When I was asked to contribute to Zoë’s X-Men blogathon, it didn’t take long for me to settle on this idea. You guys love the Stalker Saturday pictures, so why not give you a marathon of them, parodying those X-Men DOFP posters that came out a while back. While we are here, it would be great if you could all follow my little brother, Liam (@LeiAbbott). He is the one who draws up these pictures and I think he deserves the gratitude for bringing us some of the craziest pieces of art, week in, week out. He doesn’t tweet much, so he will hardly clog up your feed, but I will get him to follow you all back, so free follower! Yay! And of course, thank you, Zoë, for allowing me to collate these crazy pictures in a vague form of context. It is always a pleasure taking part in these blogathons and I have a lot more planned for other blogathons coming up soon. (Shitfest will be a parody of someone’s blog and my Cara Anniversary piece is my biggest project yet!)









I am sure we can all agree this was most fun, once again! Thank you so much for the post Luke, and thanks to Lei for providing some massively entertaining artwork, as always!


19 thoughts on “Oracle of Film’s X-Men Parody Posters

  1. HA! Brilliant, per usual. Your little bro draws these?? Awww isn’t it nice when sibs lend a hand with blogging? Love it. You are seriously getting me uber excited for blogiversary…Luke, this project sounds EPIC. 😀


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