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I’ll get to the point of this review straight away.  X-Men: The Last Stand is complete and utter shit.  I know I don’t speak for everyone but you’ll struggle to find anyone who really likes the film.  It would take about about a week for me to explain all of the aspects that I hate but by then Days of Future Past will have been released and you’ll all stop listening. You see, talking about the movie actually makes me nauseous so I’ll do it through the medium of art (let’s see if those 8 years of study at the finest art colleges* in the world pay off).

this may or may not be a lie.












Thank you so much Mikey! Really appreciate this, and love the layout! Really sticking to the theme haha!


27 thoughts on “Review: X-Men – The Last Stand (2006) – Screenkicker Movies

  1. Hahaha. I love James Marsden here. I think you should write a full comic book to express the magnitude of Brett Twatner (a comic book based on the movie based on a comic book)


  2. Dearest and Warmest JB,

    Thanks again for doing these! This feature has been excellent! Perhaps we should visit today??

    Love always,

    Pappy SC


    1. My Kind PSC,

      I am really having fun with it, I am thrilled to see the overwhelming response I got on it, I really didn’t expect it! If you are free, let me know, then I shall make my arrangements!!




      1. Fondest JB,

        I have meetings at 12:00 and 2:30 my time – other than that I am free. Except for now because I’m really not awake yet. I slept hard last night.




      2. Kind PSC,

        Just drop me a DM when you’re done. What is the time there now?

        I need more sleep. Freaking exams!




      3. Dearest JB,

        It is straight up 9:00 🙂

        I’m off to sin – and to find some caffeine.




      4. Dear PSC,

        I just Googled that too hahaha.

        Good luck with all that.

        I will drop you a message when I get out of here and back to my place, then we can see where we can slot this in. I mean you have to still eat, too, hahaha!

        Looking forward to it,



      5. I appreciate the fact that you would look out like that. However, as a South African resident with complete faith in my country and their police protection, there may be issues with a) your accent, and b) explaining why you are calling from the UK 😛


      6. I don’t have an accent! Lol ; ) It’s funny – my friend at work is South African & I feel like we’re the only two who sound normal. It’s these English people who have weird accents! : )


      7. So no American accent for you either? Very well done! In that case, get on to that speed dial just in case! 😛 And yes… yes they do have very strange accents!


  3. Reblogged this on Screenkicker! and commented:
    In all of the excitement and abuse I received for giving the new X-Men a harsh review I forgot to share this piece I did for Zoe. Its a review of X-Men: The Last Stand and its pure gold! (statement awaiting independent verification). Thanks for letting me take part SB!


  4. A searing indictment of Brett Rattner and his ex-X-men friends. Way to go Mikey, this was humorously humorous


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