Cinema Parrot Disco Sporadic Scene: X-Men (2000) – Charles and Erik Playing Chess

(if you have somehow managed to avoid seeing this movie, beware)

It gives me great pleasure today to host Table9Mutant of Cinema Parrot Disco! She is sharing a favourite scene from X-Men with us, here it is! Lady, thank you for sending me something!

I had to be a part of Zoë’s awesome X-Men Blogathon because 1. I really enjoy the X-Men films and 2. Zoë is cool so I’d probably do anything she said anyway. 🙂

patrick stewart ian mckellan adorable

So I’ve chosen a favorite X-Men scene for her great Sporadic Scene series. It’s an obvious choice but, to me, it’s the ONLY choice. Because, although I like the X-Men films a lot, I LOVE Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. And their bromance is absolutely adorable and has been loads of fun to follow on Twitter. So my choice is, naturally, the final scene of X-Men (2000) in which Xavier and Magneto are playing chess in the plastic prison. Watch these two legends at work! You know they can’t stay mad at each other forever… 😉

If you have a scene that you would like featured, drop me a mail at with a picture/gif/video of the scene and an explanation as to why (should you want to include it).

45 thoughts on “Cinema Parrot Disco Sporadic Scene: X-Men (2000) – Charles and Erik Playing Chess

  1. Great selection !!!!!

    I can’t get enough of that pic of McKellanStewart, as I shall call them as a single unit. Great stuff!


    • Thanks! Hehe – I know – they’re so adorable. : ) McStewart?? Hmm.. We need to think of a really good name! Btw – thanks for all the comments on my blog! On my way to work now so will have to reply to them all tonight. Then it’s about time I pay you a visit! : )


  2. Thank you so much lady! LOVE the scene, love your write up, and I am thrilled you will do anything I say. I will bear this in mind for future references and cash it in when you least expect it 😉 My gosh, McKellan and Stewart have like the greatest bromance of all time!


    • Thank YOU for letting me join in. I know I’ve not been writing much lately but had to be a part of this somehow. : ) On my way to my evil workplace now so won’t be able to reply to comments for a while. Will post a link on my blog as soon as I get a chance. Talk to ya later! : )


    • I know – they’re both so awesome! : ) I don’t follow that many celebs on Twitter because most are boring but I’m always checking out what these two have tweeted. Hilarious. Thanks – I can’t wait to see the new film as well. I love the X-Men films. : )


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  4. Dear JB,

    This a very fun series you are putting out for us. Keep up the great work!! I hope you get through your exams in one piece! Here’s some more mojo: FLICK FLICK FLICK!!




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