X-Men Polls

x men polls

So this whole X-Men run is in full swing, there have to be some polls. I have never actually done one of these but I thought now would be the time. I will be releasing the results at the end of the run, so on Friday next week. Hope you all vote for your favourites and answer some questions I have here!

So now the question stands, of the pre-existing X-Men movies that have been released, which one ranks as your favourite?

Obviously because there are favourites there has to be a hated section, too. As above, so below!

Now on to the characters. Because there are so many, I have given you the opportunity to pick your top five!

For interest’s sake, this is something I would like to know.

How are you feeling about the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past?

33 thoughts on “X-Men Polls

  1. Really cool use of polls Zoe! Nice! I can’t say enough how much I’m stoked for Days of Future Past. Should be a really great time


    • YAY! Thank you Tom! I am with you. Going to see it is the only concession I have made for a break from studying this weekend! You going to see it soon? I think it’s going to be awesome!


  2. I have read enough of the comics to understand how the characters ‘should’ be, so I am ticking yes on that option. However, I need to read a little bit more of them.


  3. Okay, I voted but it’s caused quite the kerfuffle in my house. On the top five favorite mutants, my cat kept insisting that I vote for Kitty Pryde five times. I tried to explain to her that it had nothing to do with being proud to be a cat. I had to give her treats and promise to buy her a new jingle ball, but she’s still sulking.


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