Review: X-Men (2000)


“Why do none of you understand what I’m trying to do? Those people down there – they control our fate and the fate of every other mutant!”
– Magneto

Yes, I know this was something I reviewed a while ago, and I have been threatening to review it from scratch again along with all the films that fall a part of this canon and just never got around to it. Here I am updating it for my X-Men run (finally)!

A new generation of man has emerged, and this generation is being drawn into the public eye more and more, and needs defenders to back it up. This is the generation of the mutants, their genetics altered from the average person, making them irrevocably different and ultimately special. Dr Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) is the public face for the mutants, defending them and attempting to veto ridiculous votes such as registries and acts to segregate the mutants from the rest of the American population. The forerunner against the mutants is Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison), and nothing he learns will sway his stance on the subject.

x men eric and charles

“Mankind is not evil, just… uninformed.” – Professor Charles Xavier

Marie, a.k.a. Rogue (Anna Paquin) is on the run after almost killing the first boy she ever kissed, and meets up with Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) at a bar outside a town, pegging him for being different. She sneaks in a lift with him, and he finds her. They are ambushed by a group of mutants, and are saved by another group. Wolverine and Rogue are taken back to an area that they learn is a school for the mutants, established by Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). Here they have a place where they are looked after, accepted and taught life skills. Being the loner, Wolverine wants out, and is intent on making that happen. He is, however, very taken with Jean Grey, and her boyfriend Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops (James Marsden) is not impressed at all.

Soon they learn that Erik Lehnsherr, a.k.a. Magneto (Ian McKellan), is after Wolverine, and they are sure it has to do with his abilities to heal. He believes that a war is imminent, and has en evil master plan to win no matter the costs. Magneto sends in Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) to capture the senator, and from there his evil plan becomes slowly unveiled. Professor X is convinced that given enough time the normal people will accept the mutants, being very much the idealist. As a realist, Magneto and his troubled past knows that people do not accept that which they do not know, they ostracize it, and make it suffer. He wants to hurry up the genetic mutations in people. Senator Kelly escapes and rushes off to Jean Grey at the mutant academy, not knowing where else to go now that he is one of them, and desperate to survive this. Magneto kidnaps Rogue, and Professor X uses Cerebro to locate her. Suddenly it makes sense to all of them why she would be the one. He is willing to transfer his powers to her briefly to implement what he is too weak to do, and not willing to die for.

x men 2000 cerebro

“Mutants are not the ones mankind should fear.” – Dr Jean Grey

The X-Men need to gear up and get ready to fight Magneto and his vile plans to save the rest of the world from being wiped out. Magneto has no patience, and also no desire to let people choose their own paths, their own destiny. Wolverine feels he owes Rogue, and is intent on saving her, but will he be in time? The X-Men band together to fight evil, but will they save the girl? Will they be able to save the people?

x men 20000

“If they have anything that can pick up our jet, they deserve to catch us.” – Cyclops

A 7.5/10.  I have enjoyed this movie since I was a child. The first time I watched it I literally finished it, rewound the VHS and started all over again. You know how kids can get? Obsessive, I think, would be the only way to summarize it correctly. So because of that I have a soft spot for it. The effects were not bad for their time, but are a little dubious should you look them over too closely now. The story is alright, but has a few holes, and is slightly rushed, but not to the extent that none of it makes sense or that nothing sinks in. Hugh Jackman is so perfectly cast as the Wolverine, and I don’t think anyone could play it as successfully as he did. I am putting it out there right off the bat so it has been say, I have never been a fan of Scott Summers or the red that makes him Cyclops. I think he is a total chop, and I was not a fan of the casting, though it might be more due to disliking the character than anything else, not so much the actor. Halle Berry really had terrible acting skills, and she is truly not amazing, and doesn’t really bring much to the story. Her character was incredibly weak. Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart rocked their roles (I expected nothing less), and have a great chemistry to show how the friends have turned on one another, though still respect each other. Very well done for that! Every time I see the piece of Magneto in the concentration camps I get to sad. Definitely worth checking out, and a really fun set of films to watch. This is definitely a good entry to the superhero genre. X-Men truly sports a fantastic cast and is very well done and holds up pretty well, even after all this time.

44 thoughts on “Review: X-Men (2000)

  1. I love this movie and I think it set the standards for all modern superhero movies. I think it personally deserves a higher score but I haven’t seen it in awhile. I love this franchise and I think it is still going strong. I will review the wolverine for you!


    • 🙂 It really did redefine the genre. I love the movie but if you really want to look at it critically there were a few faults, much as it is amazing. There was some overly ridiculous cheese to it, and Storm just didn’t shine quite as she should have. Her line about the lightning strike was just too damned ridiculous. The 7.5 that it got is definitely not a low one, bordered closer on 8, but my conscience would not allow it. It really is still going greatly! 🙂 Awesome!


      • Haha I think that movie learned that comic book dialogue doesn’t match well with real world dialogue. I think Halle Berry did really well in future xmen films and if I had to rate it on memory I would go for the full nine


      • 🙂 oh yeah, that is one hundred percent accurate! She got better, but she is still not the world’s greatest actress by a long shot. 😀 It would be a deserving nine, no doubt! 😀


  2. I would probably rank it somewhat lower – probably 5/10 or 6/10. Don’t get me wrong. I like it. But I find it hard to believe that the first X-MEN movie is considered one of the best of the franchise. It has too many flaws in its plot for me to regard it so highly.


    • I initially had it at a 7.5, but I think it was pretty decent. I am with you, there were flaws, but it was also excellent. It had that magical wow-punch when I was younger, and still remains one of my favourites to watch in the franchise, to be honest. But I completely agree with the plot holes, and a lot of little things that they could certainly have tightened up on.


    • Thanks Chris! Definitely not a bad way to kick it off. Your favourite, eh? Mine is yet to come 😛 Well… The Last Stand was bad, and some had gripes about Origins (I don’t know why – yes, I liked it). I suppose we will wait and see how this all comes together!


  3. I love this film. Except Cyclops. Cyclops sucks.

    Did you know Cyclops takes the raisin out of his cereal, so he can better appreciate the bran? That is the kind of guy we are dealing with here lol


  4. I watched this for the first time in years last week and forgot how much I loved it. I am very excited for days of future past on Friday!


  5. Dearest JB,

    I’m glad you love this so much. For some reason i was never a huge fan but I couldn’t really say why…..? I’ll have something for you in the coming days 🙂




  6. Fantastic write-up Zoe! I have always regarded this as an actual cinema classic; I just love it. I might have put it at a 9 but maybe my nostalgia for it makes me more biased! I don’t know.

    Also, I loved this part, I think you struck the core of what the X-Men franchise is all about here: “As a realist, Magneto and his troubled past knows that people do not accept that which they do not know, they ostracize it, and make it suffer”


    • Thanks Tom! That is the precise reason I watched it again, my nostalgia also ranked it higher. However, the score is not low and it is major fun, as always!

      Thank you! It is a crazy interesting thing for me, to watch the realist and watch the idealist, understanding where both of them come from and what has shaped them. Charles comes from a more luxurious background, and can afford to be more of an idealist, he has not necessarily ever suffered at the hands of men as Erik has, and that has tainted things in Erik’s perspective. I mean he does things that are wrong, but you can always understand his reasoning. And that is just looking at those two, never mind the other mutants and how they are dealing with what is going on. Sorry, you have hit on a point that really gets me going haha!


  7. “I have enjoyed this movie since I was a child.” – Stop always making me feel so old!!!! ; )

    I like this movie a lot too. I know it’s not perfect but… Screw it. I like it. And you know how I feel about Stewart & McKellen. Good stuff – I think this movie gets a little less credit than it deserves.


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