May Genre Grandeur Update

EVERYONE! Here’s another Genre Grandeur from Rob at Movie Rob. This month’s genre was chosen by yours truly, and is based on comic book movies! Get involved and pass them along to Rob!


update Hey Guys,

Just wanted to update you all on how this series is going.

First of all, thanks to Zoe, Natasha and Niall for their contributions for this month’s genre of Crime (so far).

If anyone else is still planning on sending me their reviews, please let me know, so I can plan accordingly.  A number  of you have informed me already that you’d like to submit, so just let me know where you stand on that.

Please try and get me your reviews by the 25th.

Now regarding next month’s (June)  genre, I have decided to let Zoe pick the genre and she has chosen….

drum roll pls………………….

Comic book movies.

It can be any kind of comic book/graphic novel related movie.

Please send me your reviews of your favorite comic book/graphic novel movie by the 20th of June.

Can’t wait to see what all of you will…

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2 thoughts on “May Genre Grandeur Update

  1. Great choice! I’m actually going to get on top of this and post one. Incidentally, I think the movie I was going to submit for crime will work even better for a comic book/superhero movie.

    You have inspired me further!!!


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