Review: One False Move – Alex Kava

alex kava one false move cover

Defence attorney Max Kramer makes the case of his life when he gets Jared Barnett off of death row on a technicality. Jared has no money, but Max isn’t concerned. He is popular and in demand, and that will make up triple in tenfold. Grace Wenninghoff, who prosecuted Jared for the brutal rape and murder of a young girl, whose jaw was shot off to erase identity, is unhappy, and is a little perturbed by the fact that she keeps seeing Jared. Homicide detective Tommy Pakula is prepared to put cops on Grace to watch out for her and her little girl, Emily, while Grace’s husband Vince is away on business, though she refuses.

Author Andrew Kane has isolated himself to a cabin in Platte State Park, wishing to overcome his writer’s block and get back on the train. Pakula, who is friends with Andrew, visits his friend, trying to get him out of his deep and dark place. However, Jared has new ideas. He is fresh out of prison and has a plan – he is ready to knock over a bank in Nebraska, and seems to have it all work out. He gets his sister Melanie Starks and his niece, seventeen year old Charlie involved. Though uncomfortable, Melanie feels that she owes her brother that much seeing as she did not stand by him during the trial that garnered him a life sentence and for some dark and unspoken of deed from their childhood.

The bank heist is soon underway and goes sour almost immediately. Melanie is unhappy with the fact that Jared has brought guns along and flips out when within seconds of being in the bank shots are fired, and her brother and son come tearing out. She is also not impressed that it appears that he is working with someone, though he is not sharing with who. Very soon they have cops on their tail and are desperate to get away, and are on the run now. Melanie crashes the car near Platte State Park and the trio manages to crawl from the wreckage and escape the police when a storm breaks out. Andrew Kane seems to be too close to the action, and may very well get his wish, the one that he should not have been looking for. Too much action is never a good thing. Grace is sure that Jared is behind this when one of the bank robbery victims has her jaw shot off, breaking half the teeth in her mouth.

Time is running out and for all intents and purposes it seems that Jared is devolving when a murder trail is left behind while he is on the run, dragging his sister, son and Andrew Kane along with them. Will the cops catch up in time? Will Jared be sent back to prison? Will Melanie grow a spine and protect her son from her lunatic brother? Who is Jared working with that is so underhanded and shrouded in secrecy? Will Andrew survive his kidnapping ordeal?

GRADE 5This book was alright, the story okay and the progression was fine. In other words, it was just your average book. There were so many things and events that the author alluded to yet never went back to and tied up, making it feel incomplete when it was all over. Not only that, there was so much swearing. Now, I have no issue with swearing in a book. More often than not the books I read have tons of cussing in them. However, each and every dirty word in this book felt forced, and that irritated the hell out of me. It makes everything feel disjointed and useless, and I really didn’t like that. It didn’t feel natural, and stunted the flow a little bit for me. There was nothing super new or exciting about the book. It was an easy read, and quick, too. The story left me wanting a little bit more, and the characters were not nearly as well rounded as I was hoping they would be and I could really not feel for any of them really, which is a pity because I feel it is awfull important to feel for the characters and identify with them to make them real and important. Also it felt a little rushed for me. Not an awful read, but I expected so much more seeing as I had a friend

14 thoughts on “Review: One False Move – Alex Kava

      1. I have no idea… but I can’t do that!

        I have been trying to find a site that will ship to my country… so far unsuccessfully!


      2. Wait! Someone just put up a used copy on one of the local sites and they are selling it. Officially just purchased it (like THE ONLY ONE that I could find here 😀 ), soon I will know what it is all about!


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