Alphabet Movie Meme

alphabet movie meme

So Katy over at The Drama Llama had a pretty damn awesome idea with this, and I just simply had to join in. Basically it’s an entire alphabet-meets-film routine, and I thought it was pretty cool, so I got on board with it and I have to admit that it has been a lot of fun. Head on over to Katy’s site and check it out, a great site, entertaining and well put together!

Anticiped Movie of 2014
Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. I have a few movies that I am super excited about, but this one certainly trumps them all. When Nolan does his thing he just blows me away each and every time. He really is the epitome of filmmaking, and never ceases to just rock at all that he does. The film has a solid cast, fantastic composer and in my opinion the greatest director of all time. It is going to be amazing. I guess after that there are a few more.

interstellar banner

Book Adaptation I’d Love To See
I am not usually particularly fond of books going to film because more often than not it gets ruined, but if I could pick one and live in a world where it was done perfectly, I would go for Karin Slaughter’s books, and heck, let’s start it at the beginning and build on it. Blindsighted it is.

karin slaughter blindsighted cover


Celebrity I’d Most Like To Meet
Rob Zombie. I would give my left toe to meet the man. I am a fan, done and dusted. I believe he is the complete package – he is a gifted musician, a great producer and a solid director. I would love to just chill out and have a chat. He is insanely interesting and has a fantastic career behind him.

rob zombie1

Dream Director/Actor Pairing
Oki, I have thought long and hard about this and I think I am going to have to go with Dane DeHaan and Christopher Nolan! I think Dane DeHaan is a massively under-appreciated actor and is very good at what he does. Naturally Christopher Nolan is just the answer in terms of anything and everything and walks on water in my honest opinion, and can do no wrong. I can imagine that there would be something beautiful if the two ever worked together!

christophr nolandane dehaan

Essential Classic Film
I am going to go with Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho here, the film is brilliant!

psycho poster

Favorite Film Franchise
Hmmmmm… tough one. I must say that I am a huge Star Wars geek and a crazy fan of the Dark Knight trilogy, but when I get right down to it there is absolutely no way that I can skip out on The Lord of the Rings. I swear I go back to this franchise repeatedly, and soon, too. I wait a few months and just like that I have to go back into the sheer awesomeness that is Middle-Earth, and love the world that Peter Jackson provided for us. A stellar cast, a stunning world and an epic tale? There was no ways that this was not going to work!

lord of the rings trilogy

Genre I Watch The Most
I watch a lot of horror, but if I have to really get down to it, I am a massive fan of drama, and it is something that I watch the most, always have and I think always will. Dramas just have more body and story to them, more psychological aspects and characters that are more than just the deliverers of lines. They tell a story, reel you in, create a whole new world, and when it is done right it is incredibly effective!


Hidden Gem
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I am not sure what its reception and what not was overseas or how many people have seen it, but here it is pretty much nonexistent and something I can guarantee you most people in South Africa haven’t watched, which is a shame really, because it is a very good movie! I went to the theatre one day and they only had Bollywood movies up for some reason, and then Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Nothing about it looked interesting, I had not heard about it or anything, but seeing as that is what there was to watch, I had a look see and it really was the best movie I had ever stumbled upon by total luck and chance!

kiss kiss bang bang poster

Important Moment in My Film Life
Uhm… I can’t say that I am completely sure what this is meant to be. Surviving the making of a cheese sandwich that nearly claimed a large portion of my finger in the middle of a Star Wars marathon… it was a close call, and my fingerprint has still not grown back altogether. However, it was a freaking near perfect cheese sarmie… It is important because it made me realise that I need to prioritise these things before a film, or call in a chef for the duration of any future marathons. My other half signed on for the job.


On a more serious note though, I will have to go with having made it to all three Lord of the Rings films in theatre. I adored the books as a child, and to this day have no idea how I managed to hustle people into letting me go and see them in theatre alone (half the time I was unaccompanied because people had jobs while I had holidays, and these came out when I was 11-13). It was important for me to see that epic on a massive screen. I am so glad that I did. I know that some movies are just meant to be experienced in big screen, and this was definitely one of them!

Just Right Movie for A Rainy Day
The Silence of the Lambs. I am such a fan of the Hannibal Lecter movies, I enjoy them a lot. This one is no exception, and is the best in my opinion. Solid acting, a great story and just so much to keep you riveted, this is a classic film that I love to come back to.

the silence of the lams

Kiddie Movie I Still Shamelessly Enjoy
Jumanji… such an action packed adventure! This movie is something I watched repetitively as a child and wished I had the board game. I was recently thinking about being a kid and how getting lost in a game is not such a bad idea, you know?


Location I’d Most Like To Visit
Does this have to be real? Because if not, I am going to go for Rivendell! That place is simply stunning! Breathtaking and gorgeous, peaceful and powerful, definitely the kind of place I would like to take a book, pick a remote little patch of beauty and just chill out, just be.


Marathon I First Attended
Never attended an official one before because we don’t have funky cool things like that over here, but I frequently host my own at home… does that even count in my favour? Surely it must, it is my place of choice to view things! And when I marathon… I do it properly!

movie marathon

Netflix Movie I Actually Watched
My country does not allow Netflix, so I have never watched a movie on it! See, another flaw we have here.

netflix unavailable

One Movie I Saw In Theaters More Than Once
I can honestly say that I think I have only done this twice in my life, but the most important one for me was seeing The Two Towers more than once. It was a really beautiful piece of cinema for me, and the battle at Helm’s Deep stuns me to this day… I love me a good siege!


Preferred Place To Watch A New Movie
I prefer to watch anything and everything at home. Freedom to do whatever I like, go wherever I like, anything like that, I have total control over everything. However, every now and then there is something to watch that I simply cannot and will not wait for, and then I will drag myself off to the theatre and check it out.


Quote that Inspires Me

Eames hit the nail on the head with this one. This is something that people should remember. You have got to dream, to think bigger, further, betterm . Maybe you are one of those people that works their utmost to realise that which they dream about. Maybe you are one of those people that uses it to escape with. Maybe you are the person that uses it to motivate yourself with. Either way, everyone is entitled to dream, and they should dream however they want to!

Remakes (Friend or Foe?)
Erm, more often than not they are most definitely foe. But every now and then some gem creeps out and proves that they are not all completely useless. For instance, under foe, and in big capital letters that will make it FOE, I would list the 2010 remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street. Someone should have been shot for that abomination, hands down and no questions asked. On the other hand, there can be friendly ones such as Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven. Just some examples. But overall? NO.


Snack I Enjoy Most
Wine Gums, Zombie Choozz or chocolate… and not that white stuff, mind, but mint/biscuit/milk…


Twist That Boggled My Mind
It comes up time and time again, but when it was revealed in Fight Club that Tyler Durden and the Narrator were the same person… not once throughout the film did I even suspect that something like that was going to happen!

fight club narrator and tyler

Unapologetic Fanperson For
Leonardo DiCaprio. I am so not even going to beat around the bush with this one. I can just gush and freak and carry on, this man is simply amazing. I have loved all of his performances, and feel that he has never given a weak one. He is massively talented and I truly feel that he is the best actor is the business today. He gets better and better all the time, and seems to be such a lovely person, too! Like Christopher Nolan, he can do no wrong in my eyes!

leonardo dicaprio

Very Excited For Award Show Season
I cannot honestly express an emotion either way, it is really not something that I follow, just pick up bits and pieces of it later on or while it is going down, nothing that I actively stay on top of. Thanks to all the fellow bloggers that do post about it, it is the only time that I come into contact with it!


Wish I Never Watched…
Only God Forgives. Hands down, without a doubt. My best friend Natasha still laughs at me to the strong and viscious reaction I had towards it. I will never get those precious moments of my life back and they were wasted on such a truly awful piece of cinema. Why, cruel world?!

only god forgives poster

XXX Movie I Watched At A Really Young Age
I cannot actually recall the very first… I know I started watching a lot of extreme stuff really young (yep, probably why I am so desensitised now in life). One of the earlier ones that I can think of was Psycho

Your latest movie-related obsession
James McAvoy. I just think it is because I just cannot get enough of that man or anything he is in, he truly surprises me every time. He is an immensely talented actor.


Transformers. If you want to knock me out effective immediately, just put this on. I have never seen past the first one, and even that one I have not seen more than twenty minutes past… and that is not even only one try – five times it owned me!


54 thoughts on “Alphabet Movie Meme

  1. Great list.

    Love visiting Middle Earth also. The only problem with finding a small quiet place is that you have to be on the lookout for Orcs or Goblins coming your way 🙂


  2. I still think if you studied the metaphors in “Only God Forgives” you wouldn’t hate it so much. Pretty much everything that happens is symbolic for a deeper meaning. Once you get an idea of what the metaphors are it becomes a different story.


    1. Hi Gary! I really did try with Only God Forgives. I read your comments that day, I read your post and the explanations for the metaphors, etc. and all that and I still really don’t like this movie. I did give it a shot though, and I really wanted to like it. I know some people like it, such as yourself, and then there are others that didn’t. I fall into the latter.


  3. Haha I just chose Only God Forgives as the worst movie of the year on my blog. Damn, it was such a pretentious, odd snoozefest. Awesome to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang love, this is such a hilarious and clever film.


  4. HEY!! What a great post!! I too am curious about this XXX thing you have going on. Please continue. Use pictures if you need to.


  5. Nice post! Besides Dark Knight trilogy,Harry Potter franchise is a favorite of mine(Always! 🙂 ) Horror is also my favorite genre.The ring,Saw,Sleepy Hollow and One Missed Call are my faves in this genre. Jumanji was just superb! Can watch it n number of times.Despite being a hardcore RDJ fan,I admit
    Leonardo DiCaprio has tremendous potential and raises expectations of his fans after each successive film.


  6. Hey, Zoe! Thanks for participating in my movie me! I’ve added your post to my official page. Great picks!
    SO much agreement with Interstellar. I can’t wait for this movie. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorite comedies. More people need to see it!
    And, Jumanji is ah-mazing, even in my “old age” of 24. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Katy, this was awfully fun to put together. Oh, Interstellar is just going to be phenomenal, I know it! It’s ok, we’re not too old for Jumanji, it’s a classic to be enjoyed always!


  7. This is brilliant!! I’ve been wanting to do this blogathon forever but after seeing yours now I REALLY need to start working on it this weekend.

    High five on Interstellar, can’t wait for that one! And I love that you’re a huge LOTR fan, that’s my all time fave franchise as well. Intriguing choice there pairing Nolan w/ DeHaan, I’ve only seen him in Chronicle but he’s definitely an actor to watch! Oh and let’s go to Rivendell together! That’s one movie location I’d always dreamed I could be transported to… hopefully we get to invite Aragorn along too 😉


    1. 😀 Thanks Ruth! DO IT! I want to see what you have to say!

      I am so excited for Interstellar, it is going to be amazing. Me and my Lord of the Rings addiction is insane haha!

      I think if the two of them got together it would be a thing of beauty! I love Dane DeHaan, really hoping he gets a bigger break after The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

      LOL! I have a friend who totally agrees with you on the Aragorn front… actually, between you two on the Middle-Earth pervings, you are bloody similar! 😉 But yes, let’s go there, all gorgeous and what not!


      1. I will girl, I will. Just trying to find the time 😀

        I think DeHaan has a bright career ahead of him if he plays his card right. He reminds me of Leo in terms of looks and talent but perhaps he could be more of a chameleon than Leo is.


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