The Potter Perceptions: The Half-Blood Prince (2009)

harry potter and the half blood prince

Progress is being made. Slowly but surely, progress is being made here. Eric and I set out for the sixth movie in the Harry Potter collection and it carried on as usual. We shall soldier on and complete this and then just be done! I was not looking forward to this one, Eric I am sure understands, but we progressed. The cast is getting older which is helping a lot in terms of their acting and all but I don’t know… I still feel that the essence of Potter was missed by these movies.


This movie is 2:30 hours long. I actually think they all have been but the first two hours of this felt like seven. It starts off with some guy hiding in some house as a chair and Dumbledore going off to take a shit (I presume – because he comes out of there with a stitching magazine) and then a bunch of teen melodrama about people falling for each other and doing a lot of “slogging” – is that right? Did I use that right? When I was a teen we called it “Making Out”. I suppose it’s time though, I mean, two movies ago the boys were SCARED of girls. Where I come from we started Making It a few years before these kids but what do I know.

During this epic two hours, Harry and his chums practice making potions and playing that damned flying game and sneaking around in the shadows and flirting with each other and they go to another formal party and there’s an extended scene involving the carcass of a giant, dead TARANTULA!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIENDS!!!! WHY DIDN’T YOU WARN ME??!???!!!! I almost crapped myself in disgust!!! Anyway – even though these first two hours were extremely boring and lame, I did think to myself 1) this is easily the most well done movie of the bunch from a cinematography, set, effects and props position and 2) this may sound pervy but Weasely’s sister is getting awful hot.

Then, while I was griping to Zoë and friends on Twitter about the shitty spider, suddenly this thing got really good when Harry and Dumbledore go down into that cave. When those things started crawling out of the water and Dumbledore was waving that fire all around the place – I really liked that part. Then something really tense and unexpected happen up in that clock tower (??) and I was all – HOLY SHIT and it left me feeling good about the whole thing, although most of it was yawnsville.

Overall, I think this sits as “satisfactory” in my gullet and I would probably say this is the second best one of the bunch. On a sour note though, when I got my mail yesterday and opened my Netflix envelope, I was dismayed to see that inside of it was a movie called DEMONS 2. for those of you who also read my site – do you remember when I talked about DEMONS? This makes me very sad and I don’t even remember ordering it : (

harry potter and the half blood prince duel

The good:

  • Dumbledore’s hand. Was blackened and dead-looking. Good job.
  • The Unbreakable Vow. It was excellent.
  • Snape’s attire. He always looks like the billowing bat. I love it.
  • Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes was well done, the shop looked great.
  • Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood. That was such a stroke of brilliance on behalf of casting.
  • Advanced Potion Making book was pretty accurate, as well as the handwriting in it.
  • The Riddle memories that Dumbledore procured. They were all good, though a vital one was missing.
  • The barrier around the school.
  • Harry and Ron discussing Ginny and Hermione – funny stuff. Also, Harry suddenly becoming the perfect gentleman around Ginny.
  • Hermione’s heartbreak over Ron and Lavender. It was very accurate, as well as how she dealt with it, and the way Harry finally admits to his feelings for Ginny.
  • Slughorn’s Christmas party – some funny stuff there.
  • Ron on love potion. That gave me a giggle.
  • Sectumsempra. Amazing.
  • Felix Felicis. I laughed.
  • Retrieval of Horcrux was pretty decent.
  • Dumbledore’s death was pretty good, though the way it led up to that was so weak.
  • Harry and Snape duelling. Almost got it right, close, but no cigar, but fun nonetheless.

The bad:

  • Harry not guarded and protected. Just picking up chicks? After almost being butchered by Voldemort? I highly doubt that.
  • Magic outside of school. Again. Dammit, I cannot understand this. It was such a bloody important thing in the books – to come of age before using magic. I mean… in Order of the Phoenix he was in trouble for using it (did they sell it as just because it was used before a Muggle or what? Can’t remember – either way, still not on.). I can have heart attacks about this.
  • The Vanishing Cabinets. That was shown so early that Malfoy was working on mending the one and all that. SO EARLY. Though I could have dealt with it except that Harry saw them, too.
  • The Gaunt memories. The memories that Dumbledore garnered did not show Riddle’s heir of Slytherin roots or the ring and locket of Slytherin, and they were rather important.
  • Tonk’s and Lupin’s relationship. Already on the go? What the hell is that all about?
  • Harry chasing Bellatrix down. On Christmas vacation? Since when?
  • Fenrir Greyback. He does not look great and he attacked Ginny and Harry!
  • The Burrow burning. I have no idea when/where this was supposed to have happened.
  • The disposal of the textbook was not right.
  • Harry and Ginny. That relationship was all wrong. No proper start, no proper continuation and so exceptionally awkward!
  • Weepy Malfoy. All the freaking time.
  • Dumbledore’s ignorance. Oki, this really ticked me off. Dumbledore never suspected Horcruxes or that Riddle did anything so extreme, and in the next breath he has been collecting Horcruxes because he suspected? What the fuck?!
  • Apparating in and out of Hogwarts. Again, something was stated as a fact and messed with later simply because it suited some tool.
  • Harry seeing Snape prior to Dumbledore’s death. What the hell was that all about? It makes Harry’s anger toward him after Dumbledore’s execution illogical.
  • Dumbledore’s Army not fighting. They were supposed to have been called to aid and been fighting with the Death Eaters when Harry and Dumbledore returned.
  • Fenrir Greyback didn’t maul Bill Weasley, Luna and Neville weren’t fighting, etc.
  • Harry didn’t break up with Ginny. I mean, there was no relationship anyway.
  • Dumbledore’s “funeral”. Where was that? It was important dammit!

As many flaws as there were in here, there were things to laugh at, considering how much drama was actually taking place. However, there were so many things that were just screwed with. Got very iffy with how select Riddle memories made it in and others just not. Oh well… But there are only two more to go, so let’s see if splitting the final part of the story will be worth the effort that went into it! Eric does have a point though, Half-Blood Prince was a very good looking film, even though it fell flat elsewhere.

16 thoughts on “The Potter Perceptions: The Half-Blood Prince (2009)

  1. I actually didn’t like this one at all. The worst for me. It was boring and when it got to the zombies in the cave, which should have been the best part, it felt rushed (although the entire eight movies were rushed, so I don’t know what I was expecting). Worst book as well, I seem to remember.


    1. Yeah this movie fell flat for me. The book was the most rushed of the series, though it carried a really important story with it.

      I thought these movies really didn’t do the books justice!


    1. “this may sound pervy but Weasely’s sister is getting awful hot.”

      Lol! Yes, a little pervy. And it’s called “snogging” if no one has told you yet. 😉

      Great work guys! I barely remember this book OR movie! Must have been boring…


      1. And what is this “snogging”? Please explain – and, please, go into detail and use pictures if you need to.


      2. … Oh truly? I think if we go that route I will suddenly have a whole lot of unwanted hits off of Google! Lol, just so PG, the Brits just have a way of making kissing sound so insanely… violent!


  2. I think this is my favorite of the bunch, a few flaws notwithstanding. And Snape killing Dumbledore is easily the best scene in the franchise.

    Looks like y’all mostly agree. Good work, as always.


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