The Potter Perceptions: Order of the Phoenix (2007)

harry potter and the order of the phoeniz

Eric and I rolled in for part five of this whole long thing, any he was lucky that he only had to do it once. I was so angry to find I had accidentally lost all my notes that I had made on this (and yes, I made notes. I undertook to be as precise as possible), and only realised the loss of them long after I had moved on. I had to go back to this… ;( Why, cruel world?! So yes, my list will be a lot meatier now that I have had to do this twice, and I also got a lot more detailed about things.


After the last one was SO disappointing I wasn’t really pumped for this so I hesitantly fired this one up.  This started off kind of good andI was all “heeeeeeyyyyyy – Harry’s aunt is showing a little leg….” and then yummy Osha from Game of Thrones showed up and I was all “I’m listening…….” and then there’s a bunch of stuff about Pooter being on trial and his headmaster comes in and saves his ass like always and then the lady from RAT is running the show and expelling everyone and kicking teachers out and that was all kind of lame.

And then there was the big secret room training montage that I thought was all right and Pooter finally overcame his innate and primal fear of girls and kissed one on the mouth. Then there’s a cool fight somewhere underground following a ridiculous looking set of sequences in a museum or vault or something that would surely have all of these teenagers put in prison for destroying everything. Oh – there’s also the fakest looking giant and fakest looking centaurs I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know how the next three will grab me but, after “Prisoner” I think this is the only other good one so far. Even for it’s faults, this one seemed more mature than 3 of the other four. What else?? I liked the little blond haired girl and that scene where they’re running through that field. I also liked that he didn’t turn into a fucking fish and go swimming wearing his eyeglasses. Off to the next one!


The good:

  • Harry’s Patronus. Finally takes on the form of a stag… mostly.
  • George Harris. He is very well cast as Kingsley Shacklebolt.
  • Grimmauld Place. Really looks like it belonged to Dark wizards.
  • House elf heads. They were mounted on the wall.
  • Kreacher. I must say, I expected more ear fluff and all, but overall he is pretty nasty and grumpy and not nice.
  • Extendable Ears. They were good though the effects were really bad.
  • David Thewlis and Gary Oldman. They are outstanding as schoolfriends Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.
  • Arthur Weasley’s Muggle obsession. It is entertaining to see him so excited about Muggle inventions.
  • Ministry of Magic. It looks great, getting in was right, I just really miss the identification badges they were supposed to get.
  • Inter-office Ministry memos were done well.
  • Harry’s hearing. The hearing and court itself was alright.
  • Thestrals. Looked quite good, despite the CGI.
  • Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood. What a damn fine casting choice. As good as Snape, if you ask me.
  • Umbridge’s introduction. It was good. Everyone was incredibly unimpressed.
  • Umbridge and the pink. They got that right. The disgusting mewling kittens in her office, the office pink, even pink sugar. Always wearing pink. So nasty.
  • Umbridge’s voice. So good because it grates on you, sort of like her character.
  • Harry’s vile mood. They mostly get it right in here and how everyone seems to be treading lightly around him to avoid his snapping.
  • First Defence Against the Dark Arts class. This was brilliant. It was so loyal to the book and accurate. Harry’s argument over Cedric’s death, his total defiance to the new Ministry rules, how they hate him and all, just excellent.
  • Harry’s detention. The detention with Umbridge was good. I will not tell lies cut into Harry’s flesh and carried the story of all that was wrong with Umbridge.
  • Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes is good.
  • McGonagall and Umbridge fighting. This was classic. Maggie Smith really is an excellent McGonagall.
  • Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall. She was the perfect actress, though I wish more of her sass was captured.
  • Educational Decrees. There were a lot of them and this movie shows how many there were that just continue to be put up.
  • Snape being questioned by Umbridge. “Obviously”. This was an incredibly amusing scene.
  • Sybil Trelawney sacking. This was actually quite well done, what with Dumbledore keeping her on the school grounds and McGonagall supporting a teacher she is not fond of.
  • Dumbledore avoiding Harry. At least they did not forget that this was a real thing.
  • Hogs Head meeting. The Hogs Head was well done, and the turnout of people interested in actually learning defensive magic.
  • Matthew Lewis as Neville Longbottom. I really liked this casting. He was awkward and sweet enough.
  • Room of Requirement. I thought that they did a really good job with this.
  • Neville working hard. He really worked at bettering himself with Dumbeldore’s Army, he improved a lot.
  • The DA. It was fun to watch them work together; it really felt as though they were up to underhanded things and what not.
  • Inquisitorial Squad. This was excellent.
  • Emotional capacity as a teaspoon. This was a good little conversation, and actually shed light on a few things.
  • Arthur’s attack. Looked good, even though it was in the wrong place, cause Nagini was already in the Hall of Prophecy.
  • Alan Rickman. I know I keep coming back to this, but he is so thrilling.
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange. She was adequately mad for the job.
  • The Occlumency lessons were cool.
  • Breaking into Snape’s mind. It was cool but there were a lot of flaws with it, and the biggest flaw was that the memory was rushed and it was in Snape’s mind and not the Pensieve.
  • Umbridge interrogating Harry was excellent.
  • Hermione faking the weapon story was alright.
  • Centaur attack on Umbridge was fine, even though Harry and Hermione were not in danger afterwards.
  • The Hall of Prophecy. It actually looked really nice.
  • The Death Eaters. The still look good and I like the way they move and stuff.
  • Jason Issacs as Lucius Malfoy.
  • The arrival of the Order in white. The arrival may not have been accurate but looked nice.
  • Voldemort and Dumbledore duelling. This I actually liked, it was pretty awesome.
  • Ralph Fiennes. Still an amazing Voldemort.
  • Ministry finally catching on. Shows how shocked they all were.

The bad:

  • Harry whipping his wand out in front of Muggles. Since when has this become the regular practice?!
  • The Dementors. They look absolutely ludicrous now.
  • Dementors’ Kiss. I still hate the way it looks… pfffff.
  • The CGI. What the hell, still really awful in here.
  • Mrs Figg. She just appears and is not freaking out. Her story and role is never really explained, the whole scene feels off.
  • Ministry letters. Since when do they read themselves?!
  • Harry’s hearing. He is now being punished for using magic, but all the other movies there was no issue? I am confused. Another place these movies set a rule and then contradicted themselves.
  • Harry’s rescue. Flying through London on their brooms for everyone to see? What the hell? What happened to secrecy?
  • Grimmauld Place reveal. The place itself is well done, but the magic cast upon it to preserve secrecy is not explained, and Moody just taps and they can enter? Why? How?
  • Mrs Black not screaming and screeching everywhere.
  • Fountain of Magical Brethren in Ministry of Magic being split up was not cool.
  • Harry’s hearing venue and time change. It just didn’t come to be right, and was not explained or anything.
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt hunting Sirius. It would be great to have heard how he was in charge of the Sirius Black manhunt, feeding the Ministry misinformation while working for the Order.
  • The chair in the hearing. It didn’t have chains and things on it, so it was not nearly as menacing.
  • Dolores Umbridge. The film simply doesn’t capture how truly dark and twisted and evil she is.
  • Ron and Hermione not shown to be prefects.
  • Public common room fight. Seamus Finnigan chirping Harry in the common room, and the Weasley twins were silent. As if!
  • No Quidditch. Not that I am bothered about not seeing it, but it was not worked in at all that this was something the students did.
  • Fred, George and Harry are not kicked off the Quidditch team and don’t have their brooms locked in Umbridge’s office.
  • Raw meat in bag. Does Luna really (as cooked as she is) just walk around with raw meat in her bag? I highly doubt it.
  • Weasley Family Feud. Nowhere does it explain that Harry was even shunned by Percy Weasley, and that the family has split up over Percy having no faith that Voldemort has returned.
  • Neville finding the Room of Requirement. That should have been Dobby. It was necessary to keep his loyalty to Harry alive, so that his character meant a bit more later on.
  • Cho and Harry. This isn’t really explained and doesn’t make sense how this even came to be.
  • Filch watching DA meetings. Since when does he know so quickly?
  • No DA Galleons. I really liked this, and it was pretty important. I mean one of the Educational Decrees was banning groups of students gathering together, and now they are all just chatting about the next meeting? I think not.
  • Harry and Cho kiss. What an awkward scene.
  • No St Mungos. I actually really wanted to see this. It would also have shed more light on Neville’s tragic story.
  • Occlumency. That started abruptly.
  • Relationship between Harry and Sirius. I really wish they developed it more, it would have meant so much more.
  • Grimmauld Place origins. I think it is ridiculous that they only introduced so late on that Grimmauld Place belonged to the Black family.
  • Thestral explanation. Luna explaining, not Hagrid in Care of Magical Creatures.
  • Harry’s Department of Mysteries dreams. They weren’t explained or detailedenough to make sense of the Sirius trick later.
  • Umbridge not investigating Hagrid. Her hate for half-breeds was never shown at all, or why Hagrid suspecting he would get sacked.
  • Hagrid’s absence. What the hell? You can’t even pretend they covered this.
  • Simplicity of mastering the Patronus Charm. It wouldn’t be considered advanced magic or particulary awesome if everyone could get it so quickly.
  • Cho ratting out the DA. Evidently another something we all missed as readers.
  • Harry and Cho. There was no relationship at all to fall apart.
  • No Rita Skeeter. Who told the world Harry’s story? Where was The Quibbler?
  • School not revolting after Dumbledore leaving. There was no “umbridgitis” or hell to pay or teachers joining in on the discord.
  • Harry, Fred and George not being banned from Quidditch. It was important.
  • Flight of the Weasleys. It wasn’t done right, it wasn’t amusing or fun or epic. Plus no Peeves to do their bidding? No swamp left behind?
  • Harry, Hermione AND Ron going to Grawp? Not only that, he looked ridiculous!
  • Dumbledore’s flight. It was so inaccurate, short-lived and lame overall.
  • Veritaserum. Harry was not almost fed it to discover the whereabouts of Dumbledore.
  • Centaurs. They just look silly. Also, their anger at being used by Hermione not shown.
  • No rescue mission badges at Ministry. Yes, small thing but still!
  • Hall of Prophecy entry. It was way too damn easy.
  • Prophecies. They tell the prophecy inside the balls instesd of rising up and saying it again.
  • The complete prophecy was not read. It is not explained that Neville could have had Harry’s life or that Voldemort chose Harry and marked him his equal.
  • Silent prophecies. When wrecked they didn’t really wreak havoc due to silence.
  • The Veiled Arch. It wasn’t so great, and no real veil to confuse.
  • Harry relinquising the prophecy. In which lifetime?
  • Sirius didn’t die battling Bellatrix. This was a defining moment for goodness sake and they couldn’t even gey that right?!
  • No mirror. Sirius and Harry didn’t havr the mirrors that could change everything.
  • Weak explanation. Besides the fact this movie must have been a menace to follow for those that hadn’t read the book, the conclusion and explanation was so inadequate.
  • Harry’s anger and pain. It wasn’t even touched on remotely.

Alright. For the greater good I watched these twice now within a few weeks. I know the list is longer, but I got really detailed with this one. Meh. Oh well. Guess what? Only three left! This really has been a mission, though I have been having a blast at the same time with the whole concept and putting it together!

22 thoughts on “The Potter Perceptions: Order of the Phoenix (2007)

  1. I cannot imagine how those who have seen the movies without having read the books can understand the Horcruxes, I had to explain a lot to a friend, until I exasperatedly told him to just read the books, and he did, He borrowed all my books.


  2. The first 4 movies were okay. It wasn’t complicated yet, But I think the writers just gave up explaining starting at Order of the Phoenix, and assumed movie fans had read the books anyway., and if they hadn’t, well, too bad. lol


    1. Yeah they just lost the plot. I also think because they started the movies before the books ended they just guessed importance here and there. To be honest I am not a fan of any of the films.


    1. Good job again, you guys. That IS one very detailed list, Zoe! Lol! I was so bored with the movies by this point – I really don’t remember this one. They all merge into one big movie for me.


      1. Imagine watching them all over the course of a couple of months.

        it would be like watching a bunch of 80s comedies…..



  3. The 4th book and movie will always be my favorite. The only redeeming quality of OOTP was the fight scene at the MOM. ” get away from my godson -POW” and the epic battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort. I swear, watching that battle makes me wonder about Harry’s oh so easy victory over Voldemort. I mean, remember in the Ministry Voldemort just batted away Harry attempt at cursing him. I’m not even going to keep on that thought since I can go on for days.

    It did seem like Harry was using magic left and right at the Dursley’s. That Lumos he kept casting should have gotten him a letter for sure.

    I think Danielle Radcliff’s most shining acting moment was that scene after Sirius went through the veil. That scream was insane, even though you couldn’t hear it.

    Luna Lovegood is one of my favorite characters. I’m so glad JK didn’t kill her off during her completely insane killing spree. DOBBY!!! Long live the free elf!


    1. I am glad to hear that you have favourite movies from the lot. What the movies never really showed was how Harry’s victory came to be, which is why it looks overly easy. The books have more explanation, and it was more about the concepts that Voldemort didn’t understand which brought him to his knees.

      I am so over seeing magic being used outside of school before coming of age.

      That really was a good scene. You know, when he is taken out of Potter he is actually a pretty good actor.

      Yeah she just went overboard and got everyone in the end, pretty rough stuff!


  4. I think the CGI is very subjective – the film was made quite a few ywars ago and for that time, it was very impressive. I was pissed about the prefects thing too! And glad Eric enjoyed this. 😀


  5. Professor Umbridge makes me so offing MAD!!! I have a hard time watching this one because that character just pisses me off so much. GRrrrr, death to Umbridge!!


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