Quick Question AND Update

Hi guys,

I have been thinking about doing some guest posts on my blog to start early next year. I was maybe thinking a Top 5/10 list of movies, but I wanted to know if you guys would prefer doing a designated or themed list (such as Top 5/10 Dramas / Comedies / Superhero Movies / etc.) and pick it yourself or be assigned one or if you just want to list your personal Top 5/10 movies and why they are your favourite.

Let me know if anyone is interested in doing a guest post like as well as which type by either commenting below or dropping me an email here.


ALRIGHTY so it seems the choices are pretty mixed. The solution? You may do any Top Ten list you want to do – a personal favourite top ten movie list or a themed one. You can choose one or let me know and I will randomly assign one! I would really like to start this in the first week of January, so the sooner the entries come in, the better! 🙂

43 thoughts on “Quick Question AND Update

      1. Alright! I think it is getting to the extent where these posts are going to be Top Ten posts of the guest’s choosing. Does that sound right? Then if one wants to do one’s ten favourites one can, but if one wants to do ten specifics then one can, too?


    1. 🙂 Perfect! So personal picks for you! Alright, I think the Top Ten is sounding more like the chosen option. I would like to start them in the first week of January, so as soon as I start getting the entries then I can start putting them up. Thanks a lot Mark!


      1. No. Thank you. It sounds like a good time, and isn’t something I’ll be doing on my own site. 🙂

        Though listing my Top 5/10 flicks of all time. Woah. That could prove daunting. So many movies I haven’t seen. 🙂


      2. Teehee. I am glad then that I have you interested! There will always be movies we haven’t seen! 😀 I am really looking forward to seeing what the ultimate voting comes back on this. So far it would appear that Personal Favourites is winning!


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