Breaking Emotions: Fear and Awkward

Well, this was not something that I thought I could get involved in; I thought that I had missed the deadline to share my two cents! Well, that and only recently having discovered Mettel Ray’s site. But lucky for me I made it in, late to the party and all. I have spent a while thinking long and hard about the films that I will be putting onto these lists, and I am doing my utmost. The first of emotions in this amazing Breaking Emotions blogathon: fear and awkward. It should go without saying that there may be spoilers in here!


The Conjuring (2013)
This was one of the first movies to bring a chill near my spine in years, and it was a damn successful one at that. There is that scene where sleepwalking Cindy is in the older sister’s room again and knocking her head on the wardrobe. Andrea puts the little one into bed again and then they wait (again), and the knocking continues. The slow pan to the wardrobe and the subsequent attack were incredibly well delivered and should be noted. The build up to it, the soundtrack, the panning of the camera, the subtlety of it all was simply great, and made that a truly chilling scene!

Sinister (2012)
There are a lot of freaky home videos in this one, some really whack snuff film type of things, and a lot of creepy things going down as is. Ellison Oswalt is writing another true crime book but has moved his family into the murder home without telling them. Naturally things start to go scary when they move in, and he finds a box of Super 8 films that has murders on them. Real ones, not the false things or pranks. The tapes feature families being murdered, and all have their chilling aspects to them, things that make you uncomfortable and worried, but the worst one that gives me the biggest start by far is the Lawn Work ’86 tape… It is a jump scare, true, but it builds up to it for so long you ultimately almost suspect it is over though you know it still needs to make an appearance. Not bad, not bad at all. One of the incredibly few scenes that managed to even get a little jump out of me, what a rarity!

Se7en (1995)
I am really, really sitting here and I am very close to pulling my hair out. I think that for a final scene to add to this I will have to go with Se7en. There were so many good things that were going for this movie, including a great cast as well as a whacko serial killer on the run, exercising his right to recreate the Seven Deadly Sins. However, after finding corpse after corpse, there it the one discovery that gets the audience: Mills and Somerset go into an apartment an investigate a terrifying, gross and mutilated corpse, and when they are right up there with it the corpse coughs, giving everyone quite the jump!


Killer Joe (2011)
This was one of those movies that had me wondering what the hell quite a lot, but the exceptional awkward set in when Killer Joe loses his cool completely with Sharla after finding out that she had a hand in setting Chris up, and forces her to fellate a chicken leg that he is holding at the ready for her while freaking out at the rest of the family, demanding that they assist him in ensuring that Chris does not take his sister Dottie away from Joe. That entire scene was one of the most insanely messed up scenes in movie history. I was super uncomfortable watching it and nothing has changed. I even get a little disgusted thinking back on it now, embarrassed.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Olive finally gets her way at the beauty pageant, and does the most incredibly embarrassing dance performance I have ever seen. Not only that, her grandfather taught her the dodgy moves she is hauling out up on stage. Pretty risque burlesque to have taught a little child. What’s more, Rick James’ Super Freak owns the background dance music. It makes me cringe every time that a young girl did this up on stage in front of a crowd of people. It was super embarrassing.

little miss sunshine dodgy dance

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
There was the scene with Bianca wanting to go out, and her father, Mr Stratford, having his own mini meltdown. As though it was not awkward enough that he was performing in front of her friends, he made her wear The Belly. And by The Belly, I mean The Empathy Belly Pregnancy Suit. I would have been absolutely mortified, probably crawling under a floorboard and dying if I had my way. It was humiliating to watch, though hilarious at the same time.

empathy pregnancy belly

10 thoughts on “Breaking Emotions: Fear and Awkward

  1. Great post!! That scene in The Conjuring actually made me feel the willies!! I haven’t felt like that in years and years.


    1. Thank you! You haven’t? Great cast and all that but a lot that has that wtf effect on you, but that scene was truly the most awkward thing to sit through ever. I was so glad there was no one watching it with me.


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