Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

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“Do you hear that? It’s the sound of battles fought and lives lost. It once pained me to know that I am the cause of such despair, but now their cries give me strength. Beauty is my power.”
– Queen Ravenna

Snow White (Raffey Cassidy) is born to her beautiful mother, Queen Eleanor (Liberty Ross), and father King Magnus (Noah Huntley). Her mother passes while Snow White is a young girl, and her father cannot bear to deal with her death. Soon, he fights a war against a Dark Army and a young and beautiful captive is taken in. King Magnus falls in love with Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and her absolute beauty and weds her the next day. Unceremoniously she usurps the throne when she murders her new husband and lets an army through the kingdom gates. The war she began she will now finish. The city is butchered, and Snow White does not make it out. Her best friend William (Xavier Atkins) and his father Duke Hammond (Vincent Regan) make it out, but cannot go back for her. Ravenna orders her brother Finn (Sam Spruell) to lock Snow White away in the northern tower of the castle. The Kingdom of Tabor wastes away under the cruel new queen’s rule.

queen ravenna
“I shall give this wretched world the queen it deserves.” – Queen Ravenna

Snow White (Kristen Stewart) grows into a beautiful young woman who agonizes over the incredible amounts of pain of her past. The injustice she has suffered at the hands of her stepmother Ravenna, the evil sorceress, is just terrible.  One day an opportunity presents itself when Finn comes to collect Snow White and bring her to Ravenna. Ravenna consulted her Magic Mirror and found that she is no longer the fairest of the kingdom, and that to make her immortal she will have to kill Snow White and consume her heart, or else Snow White will be Ravenna’s downfall. Snow White escapes into the Dark Forest, where she becomes lost to Ravenna’s pursuers. In a rage, Ravenna calls upon Eric the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to navigate the Dark Forest and recover Snow White. When he refuses, she promises to bring back his dead wife for whom he so desperately pines and he is quickly sold on the idea of bringing her back.

snow white and the huntsman
“I would rather die than live another day in this death!” – Snow White

He soon finds Snow White in the Forest, though she is reluctant to come with. In the argument that ensues when Eric wants to know that Ravenna will keep her word, he learns that she was going to betray him, have him killed seeing as though she is powerful, even she cannot raise the dead. In a rage he escapes with Snow White, whom he soon wants to get rid of seeing as he has no idea who she is. She soon persuades him that she is worth something and that he will be rewarded handsomely for protecting her and brining her safely to Duke Hammond. Snow White’s childhood friend William (Sam Claflin) has just learned that she is still alive, and informs his father that he will not desert her again and leaves to join Finn’s crew of bandits that are theoretically supposed to be bringing Snow White in for Ravenna.

“You have eyes, Huntsman, but you do not see. You, who have been with her the longest. She is life itself. She will heal the land. She is the one. ” – Muir

A new hope seems to be spreading throughout the Kingdom of Tabor, and it all seems to be attributed to Snow White’s escape. Snow White and the Huntsman have met a group of dwarves on their way to Duke Hammond’s castle, and soon they build their own little party. One of the dwarves, Muir (Bob Hoskins), informs them that Snow White is the true Princess, and that she alone is able to end Ravenna’s dark and evil reign. Snow White will have to go head to head with Ravenna and defeat her. Will Snow White rise up and step into the role of conqueror? Will she be able to reclaim her father’s lost kingdom? Will William find Snow White and win over hear heart? Will Snow White and Eric the Huntsman make it to Duke Hammond’s castle?

A 5.5/10 for Snow White and the Huntsman. I haven’t ever really given a lot of thought to watching this movie, though I reckon it was about time to see if Kristen Stewart would change her expression once and whether Chris Hemsworth will forevermore rock that big, manly and aggressive character. So to report, nothing has changed. While Kristen Stewart is the joke at the expense of many people (yes, I am one of them), she is not a dreadful actress per se, it is just her facial expressions are majorly lacking, and sometimes that is unhelpful when attempting to convey an emotion. Like when the dwarf dies and she cries, there is no real heartbreak there, though Hemsworth gives the scene some emotion. I suppose it is a good thing then that she gets the haughty roles where she is not expected to have a vast acting range, just enough to keep the story and character going. Chris Hemsworth embraced his character’s story, and it was a sad one, too. I am not a Charlize Theron fan at all but I really think that she was excellent to play Ravenna, and kept the role interesting. I thought the way that the Mirror was done was bloody brilliant, and it just looked stunning when that gold seeped from the Mirror, flowed upward and into the Mirror Man that Ravenna held so dearly. Sam Spruell was sufficiently disgusting to play her brother, and really was absolutely nasty. I was not particularly fond of the battle fought or the ending, and how that bloody three-way relationship (that is so damn popular for whatever ridiculous reason) went down. It wasn’t precisely strongly written or sufficiently explained; it was just thrown in there and not really worked out. There was supposed to be humour in here though I missed a lot of it (yep, very hard to please), and there was drama. The fairy utopia that Snow White and her party went to was absolutely beautiful, and carried the air of beauty and utter perfection and total peace, so that was nice to check out. Not the greatest film, though definitely not so bad it deserves all the super hate it gets.

37 thoughts on “Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

  1. This never really did get my attention, even before I saw a lot of mediocre-to-negative reviews about it. Kristen Stewart I just hate, hate hate. (You make a great point about her lack of emotive ability with her permanently scowling face, perhaps that’s why I really don’t like her) This also looked too dark to be a good Snow White story, and thirdly I really haven’t appreciated nor understood why these fairytales are all being re-adapted in much different, darker ways. Is nothing sacred anymore? lol


    1. I get the major dislike for Stewart haha! You know, I have been wondering why 2011-2012 went seriously overboard with reinventing the Snow White story, I mean seriously? I like them going darker (but then they really need to stick the the original source material), it takes it more to the traditional tales they were before Disney tidied them up good and pretty, but you know, there is a way to do it. This had its moments, but definitely not something I will be rushing to see again if I have a say about it, I just don’t think it was as bad as people freaked out about. If you haven’t seen it, you really aren’t missing much.

      But PS: This is Hollywood man, NOTHING is sacred anymore! 😦


      1. THAT’S certainly true. . . nothing can be sacred, not when it’s a good/decent/crappy script worth millions of doll-hairs. 😀

        That’s good news about it not being as bad as everyone was making it out to be, though. Perhaps I won’t change channels quite as quickly when I come across it on TV sometime. 🙂


      2. Hell no. And if they can see it will bring cash, they will do it. I mean look how many great films bombed in the box office and how many dreadful ones just totally owned it. So damn confusing.

        Teehee, maybe not. Like I said, checking out that Mirror Man was totally worth it, that was incredibly well done, and the visuals for the fairy utopia were great. But overall it is just a standard movie to pass time!


  2. Good review Zoe. Theron was so over-the-top here, I thought she was going to practically shatter every person’s glasses whom I was in the theater with; Hemsworth was brooding and fun to watch; and Stewart, well, she just did her thing. Whatever that means nowadays.


    1. Thanks Dan! Theron really managed to give Ravenna that wicked side, so I respect that from her. Hemsworth is always worth watching, really not a bad actor. I suppose whatever Stewart does nowadays involves a lot of staring? 😛 Look, definitely not something I will be jumping to see again, but at least I have seen it now, and seen why everyone had their say over it.


  3. I’m such a Stewart advocate. Her performances in On the Road, Adventureland, and Into the Wild are terrific. She’s done so many other lesser known films that she’s also outstanding in. Very misunderstood and underrated actress. Awesome review by the way, this flick just never caught my eye.


    1. Thanks a lot!

      I don’t know, I am not a fan. She could be doing so much more than she is, I think that is where the major issue comes in. I know you are an advocate. Everyone has that someone they are defending.

      Yeah, not worth rushing out and checking or anything.


    1. Thanks. I agree with you. It is a forgettable story with a lot of loose ends that just don’t come together at the end of it all. Just a mindless watch really!


  4. I remember not liking this too much. I liked the cinematography, but however much I try to justify Kristen Stewart, (since I actually like her) she was really, really bad in this one. Theron was amazing, I agree that she was the perfect choice for the role. Nice review!


    1. Thanks Elina!

      Yeah this was just ok. Just average. Nothing spectacular. I really don’t feel that Stewart has the persona to lead an army to war, and that was very difficult for me to buy into.


  5. Sounds pretty uneven to me. Didn’t this movie tank? The only reason I remember it is because Stewart had that affair with the fim director 😀


    1. Yeah it was pretty patchy. It had decent elements but overall not enough to save it. Yeah it is quite disliked, though I think it has a worse rep than it deserves.

      Oh hahaha, I didn’t even know that! 😛


  6. I kind of wanted to see this but never got around to it. Stewart doesn’t really bother me in things she does that aren’t Twilight. And don’t go getting any ideas about those f-ing Twilight movies!!


    1. Really not something you need to rush to see but if it comes up it is alright to pass time. I have no idea to be honest, saw it a few days ago and wondered if it was just a standard WordPress upgrade.


  7. You’re more generous than me Zoe. This one had potential but all squandered when they cast K-Stew with her one-expression as Snow White. Hemsworth is basically playing a variation of Thor, too. It’s just lame.


    1. Yeah she really only has one expression haha. Pretty accurate on Hemsworth too though. It was alright though definitely not groundbreaking, and could have been better.


  8. Good review. I totally agree that this isn’t a great movie, but definitely not worthy of all the hatred flung its way. To me, Theron’s perfectly and purposely way over the top performance was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed her.


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