Review: Take Shelter (2011)

take shelter movie poster

“You think I’m crazy? Well, listen up, there’s a storm coming like nothing you’ve ever seen, and not a one of you is prepared for it.
Curtis LaForche

SYNOPSIS: Plagued by a series of apocalyptic visions, a young husband and father questions whether to shelter his family from a coming storm, or from himself. – via IMDB


GRADE 7This was not a ground-breaking movie by a long shot and left me feeling a little let down at the best of times. Michael Shannon was fantastic to watch and played his character down to a tee. Jessica Chastain also impressed me in her role as Samantha. The movie felt very long, though it was not really a long film. In terms of watching a man dealing with the paranoia stemming from coming from a family of mental illness and his struggle to understand his current circumstances it was very interesting. The struggle he and his family went through to work it out and find a way to deal with it all was also very good. It  just feels like after two hours no much happened, though the character portrayal was very good. The drama aspect was impressive, and played out rather well, greatly acted. I think a large part of this movie’s success leans strongly on the actors and their abilities. Also, the suspense was good, though sometimes I felt that it missed out on it a bit. I like how the story kept to what it was supposed to be about: Curtis, his family, and his paranoia at his situation. Not a bad watch, I just think I expected a little bit more from it all.

17 thoughts on “Review: Take Shelter (2011)

  1. Hate it didn’t work for you on a few levels. Personally I adore this film and Michael Shannon’s performance is one of my all-time favorites. Strong subject matter that’s really handled well.


    1. Yeah, I really wanted this to blow my mind to pieces, but oh well. Michael Shannon was amazing, and Jessica Chastain was also great. I thoroughly enjoyed the concept, just felt that they missed out at a few places, but the approach to the content was overall pretty decent.


  2. Great review Zoe! I like the two lead actors but I just haven’t got around to seeing it yet. I think their performances, esp. Shannon’s would make this worth a watch.


    1. Thank you, Ruth! It is definitely worth checking out when you come across it. I hope that you do sometime, would love to see what you have to say!


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