Review: Carrie – Stephen King

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Carrie White is a seventeen-year-old girl living with her religiously fanatical mother Margaret White. She is the loser at school, the odd one out, the one that just never seems to fit in. An incident in the girls’ locker room one day changes Carrie irrevocably when her menstruation cycle begins and she is mocked and teased. Carrie’s latent telekinesis comes back to her, and before she knows it the memories pour in with it, and it shocks her that it was forgotten.

Some of the students feel bad for what they put Carrie White for, and pity the cruelty that Carrie has suffered. The most notable student in this regard was Sue Snell, who decides that she needs to atone for the things that she has done. She arranges with her boyfriend, Tommy Ross , to take Carrie as his date to the Prom. He goes along with it, neither having any ill-intent at hear. However, there are other students that resent Carrie for what went down in the locker rooms, most notorious of the lot is Christine Hargensen, who is very popular and has many followers who will do her bidding gladly, including her new dodgy boyfriend, Billy Nolan.

Carrie is astounded and excited for the Prom, and even endures the terrible fights with her mother over the fact that she has decided to go. Carrie has been practising her telekinetic abilities, and is getting much more efficient about controlling them. Some of the teachers are worried that something may happen at the Prom seeing as the incident in the locker rooms with Carrie concluded with Chris being restricted from going, and her very influential lawyer father did nothing more to get her to go after a showdown between the man and Mr Grayle, the principal. Prom Night is almost upon them, and her excitement is almost palpable. It is Carrie’s one night of normality, of not being the odd one out.

Will Carrie have her glorious night out, or will something happen at the Prom as some of the teachers are dreading? If something happens, will Carrie be able to handle the final humiliation, or will she splinter and crack? What will happen at the Prom on this evening where everything is only just hanging in the balance?

GRADE 7.5The book was a fantastic read, and for a first book to be published for an author it was amazing. Knowing that this is what Stephen King started with it is little wonder that he progressed as he did, he has a brilliant mind. I really enjoyed the style of writing and layout for this book, what with the story interwoven between the “accounts” of what went down on Prom Night, the research that went into the telekinetic phenomenon, the court transcripts as well as Carrie White herself. I thought the tale that King told was an incredibly sad one, and executed brilliantly. The story is not a long one, and can be read reasonably quickly. If you are not familiar with King’s work, this is a decent place to start and decide. I thought it was very good, and it is not the first time that I am reading the story,

16 thoughts on “Review: Carrie – Stephen King

  1. I pretty much agree with you on this one. Love the style and the structure of it like you mention. I had almost given up on Stephen King. Had started a couple of his and just given up because I was not enjoying them. But I smashed through this on holidays once.


    • It is incredibly rare! I I love his novels, long or short, it doesn’t matter, but this was an over-glorified short story, under-glorified full-fledged novel, so a winner all round!


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