Review: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

10 - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

“Observe, Mr. Bond, the instruments of Armageddon.”
– Karl Stromberg

Two ballistic-missile submarines have disappeared off of the face of the Earth. One of them being British, naturally James Bond (Roger Moore) is called in to assess and investigate the situation. On the journey back from Austria, a Soviet agent is killed in a ski chase when Bond evades them. Russia has also lost a submarine, and sends in their best agent, Major Anya Amasova, a.k.a. Agent Triple X (Barbara Bach), who is heartbroken about the death of her lover. Bond discovers that he needs to get to Egypt, where the advanced submarine tracking system plans are on sale. There he encounters Anya while on the hunt for the microfilm containing the plans as well as a creepy assassin named Jaws (Richard Kiel). They reluctantly work together when British intelligence works hand in hand with the Soviets, M (Bernard Lee) not caring what Bond’s input is. It is soon discovered that they are looking for shipping magnate Karl Stromberg(Curd Jürgens).

The Spy Who Loved Me Bond and Anya

“Then, when this mission is over, I will kill you.” – Anya

The relationship between Anya and Bond changes when he rescues her from certain death when Jaws comes for them. It has been almost three weeks since the death of her lover. Bond goes undercover and visits with Stromberg and find out about his latest supertanker, the Liparus. Bond and his Soviet friend are tracked and attacked by henchmen of Stromberg, who knows that they were taking him for a fool. Naturally, Q (Desmond Llewelyn) provided Bond with a pimping car which saves them from certain death. While they are taking a closer look at Stromberg’s underwater facilities interesting facts surface. Anya also makes the discovery that Bond is responsible for her lover’s death, and she vows to kill him when their mission concludes.

The Spy Who Loved Me Jaws

“You ever get the feeling that somebody doesn’t like you?” – Bond

Bond and Anya board an American submarine, and learn of how the other submarines have disappeared and what their mission is. The Liparus captures the submarines, replaces the crew and sends them back out, each with a new mission. The two that are out there are targeting New York City and Moscow. Bond and the American submarine are captured by the Liparus, and there they hear of Stromberg’s hare-brained scheme. He wishes to bring the world to its knees. Global nuclear war would ensue, and a new civilisation will be established. Stromberg will escape the purge while he hides out in his underwater facility, Atlantis.

The Spy Who Loved Me Liparus

Liparus in all her thieving glory

Will Bond and Anya be able to set their differences aside long enough to complete their mission? Will they be able to escape the confines of the Liparus and stop the ghastly plan that Stromberg is positive that he will execute successfully? Bond and the American crew need to escape the Liparus immediately, but will they be able to regain their freedom and prevent the end of the world as they know it?

The Spy Who Loved Me Car

“For me, this is all the world. There is beauty… there is ugliness… and there is death.” – Stromberg

6/10. Another bland Bond entry. This one had Jaws in it, though, so I will have to give it some scoring – as well as for the Egyptian settings and the running camels (that amused me no end, don’t even ask why). And how the submarines were being abducted was pretty alright, too, but the whole thing with the missiles and deconstructing them to blow out a door and then the whole ship blowing up in places yet nothing set those off… lost me a bit. Anya Amasova also moved on from her “love” dying far too quickly in my opinion – what is up with the women in these Bond movies? It is like they see him and he has some panty-dropping skills that are unrivalled. I bet there are many men queued to find out the secret – and no, it is not his license to kill, so what thrills them even after Bond has hit them or been nasty or anything, to betray the men in their lives within moments of meeting him? Gotta ask. The cheese is unrelenting, too, of course. Even though I don’t always mind cheese, I must admit that I am far fonder of the newer, grittier and more serious Bonds.

16 thoughts on “Review: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

  1. Your scores mirror what I think the older Bond films may be like. I haven’t seen many of the early ones but they’ve always come across as so-so. I still need to see them though.


  2. Ahah, 6/10 is fair Zoe. Moore’s Bond movies are super cheesy. I still like ’em as I grew up w/ it but yeah I prefer the grittier Bond, which is why you should check out Dalton’s Bonds 😀

    Btw, this is the first time I got introduced to Mozart and Bach’s music, ahah. I know my late mom used to listen to classical music but I didn’t start paying attention until I heard it in Stomberg’s under-the-sea lair!


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