Review: The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

09 - The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

“You see, Mr Bond, like all great artists I want to create one indisputable masterpiece: the death of 007.”
– Francisco Scaramanga

M (Bernard Lee) calls a meeting, in which he throws 007 agent James Bond (Roger Moore) off of the mission he has concerning the work of Gibson, a scientist. MI6 received a bullet from infamous assassin Francisco Scaramanga (Christpoher Lee) with “007” engraved on the golden bullet. Bond is not happy about being pulled from the mission, and requests M to allow him to track down Scaramanga himself.

the man with the golden gun 007 bullet

The offending bullet that set everything in motion.

Bond tracks the last known movements of Scaramanga in which agent Bill Fairbanks, a.k.a. 002 was killed, and recovers the bullet that was no longer on the agent at the time of autopsy. Using the bullet, he seeks out Q’s (Desmond Llewelyn) assistance in tracking the bullet back to its manufacturer. Following his leads, Bond threatens the manufacturer who points Bond in the direction of a casino, where Bond meets with Scaramanga’s mistress Andrea Anders (Maud Adams) and tails her to Hong Kong. Bond attempts to coerce her into telling him Scaramanga’s location, and she points him in the direction that is evidently not where Scaramanga is waiting to be caught, but where he carries out his next hit – Gibson, the scientist, and the Solex agitator that the man was carrying is stolen by Scaramanga’s loyal henchman, Nick Nack (Hervé Villechaize). Bond is arrested at the scene of the crime by Lieutenant Hip (Soon-Tek Oh) and taken to hidden headquarters within the sunken vessel of the RMS Queen Elizabeth.

the man with the golden gun escaping death karate

“Who’d want to put a contract on me?” – James Bond

M is angered to learn that the Solex agitator has been stolen as it is required to power a large solar power station. Bond is tasked with killing Scaramanga and retrieving the Solex agitator.  Bond moves along to Bangkok where he impersonates Scaramanga to meet with affluent businessman Hai Fat (Richard Loo), who arranged for the assassination of the scientist. What Bond does not know is that Hai Fat knows who the real Scaramanga is seeing as he is staying with him on the estate, and that he is being set up by the pair. Following Bond’s escape when the plan goes south, Scaramanga executes Hai Fat and takes possession of the Solex. Bond meets up with British assistant Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland) and together they need to find a way to retrieve the Solex agitator and assassinate Scaramanga.


“A duel between titans… my golden gun against your Walther PPK.” – Francisco Scaramanga

Will Bond be the one to topple the great throne of Scaramanga? Can he successfully infiltrate the networks, and can Andrea Anders be trusted to be of assistance?

The Man With The Golden Gun scores a 6/10 for me. This one was particularly off-putting in terms of how the women were treated, it irritated me somewhat. Nick Nack was a new type of henchman, and was refreshing, though frustrating at other times. The storyline on this one was truly a little weak, and there was another ludicrous water chase that (surprise, surprise) again included American Sheriff J.W. Pepper (Clifton James) and some obscene sets. I don’t understand why such ridiculous humour was pushed. The stunts were just unbelievable, but it was nice to see Desmond Llewelyn get some more screen time – Q is finally starting to grow on me as a character, though he is one of the characters that brings solid humour into the films, not just the cheese.

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