Review: The Postcard Killers – James Patterson & Liza Marklund


Book nineteen in my fifty book challenge.

New York City homicide detective Jacob Kanon is tearing through Europe on the macabre trail of a murderous couple. He has lost his daughter, Kimmy, to them. Young couples are being slain across the country, and none of the police seem any closer to discovering the identity of the monsters that are in action. The killers are clever – they are patient, careful, and meticulous. They blend in, they are educated, and they are having a ball with their little adventure.

Scandinavian journalist Dessie Larsson is chosen by the killers to broadcast their latest grisly crime: she receives the postcard from the relevant country where the crimes will go down along with some writing. Later, as per usual with the murderers, she receives a photograph of the crime scene. However, this journalist is different. She is confronted and drawn in with Jacob the moment he learns from German police that she has been chosen as the new communicator.

Sweden. This is the place that Jacob is sure that the tables will change. Making a pain of himself, Interpol finally confirms his status on the case, and he gets involved. New evidence is coming to the fore, and breakthroughs are starting to crop up. Jacob’s nerves are frayed, and he is barely holding himself together. The authorities seem to think that he is a little crazy, though he is the only one that has been identifying patterns on the various crime scenes.

Could this be the end of the line? Will Jacob get his revenge, will the killers strike again? Will Jacob be able to convince the police of his knowledge of the killers and have them use it in the most useful way?

GRADE 6.5The book was wonderful to read. It flowed nicely, it wasn’t too in depth or complicated. It was slightly predictable every now and again, but overall not to the extent that it frustrates. It was an enjoyable read; with a pretty good story that kept you hooked from the point go. It was decently written, captivating enough to keep you there, yet light enough to not emotionally tax you too much. Definitely not too heavy, and there is no real draw to the characters, etc. It really is just great to read, nothing to invest in at the end of the day, and sometimes that is the type of book that one is looking for.  A fun read for a conjunction of authors, and it was rather successful.

4 thoughts on “Review: The Postcard Killers – James Patterson & Liza Marklund

  1. I just heard an interview w/ Patterson on MPR last week. He sounded so normal, ahah. Even the interviewer said that he’s the most ‘normal sounding’ famous authors he’s ever interviewed.


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