11 thoughts on “What one wants…

  1. How about memories of dreams?

    Silly questions aside, I hope that I can make that statement come true for myself. I do want to travel the world and see what’s out there for myself. All I need is time and money. Too bad I have neither at the moment.


      1. The great irony is that I have roughly 1,200 DVDs, so that means, conservatively, I’ve spent about $15,000 on my collection. I could be in Sweden right now. Or anywhere. Sigh…


      2. 😀 So very true, BUT you love your collection, so enjoy it, too. Don’t undermine the value thereof! Maybe start like so: for every DVD you buy, you have to match/double that amount in a savings account?


      3. Oh, I do love my collection. It’s just crazy to realize how much money I’ve spent on it. I’d double my DVD buying habits into an account if I hadn’t already had to stop buying because I’m dead broke. I guess that’s what happens when you have a family on top of such an insane hobby, lol.


      4. Ahhhhhh and there is the kicker! Well, you have to start somewhere, but cherish the collection. I have also had a few whaaaaat?! moments when I check out what I have paid into certain things, but then I think of the enjoyment that I get out of them… 😛 So worth it. One day you can travel, just know where you want to go. I really hope you get is all sorted for someday!


      5. I really do just want to travel Europe. This country can really grate on my nerves. Hell, if I want to, I can always sell all my shit for like 25 grand and go find somewhere new to live. Of course, I have to bring my wife and daughter along, so we’ll see how that works out.


      6. Yep, the US. My daughter’s almost 4 months old now. If I seriously thought about traveling, I’d want her to be at least be 3 or 4 years old.


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