Quick Mention: Smallville

So, for the last couple of weeks I have been watching Smallville again. When I was younger, I watched the first three seasons, and then only saw sections of future seasons every now and again.

I started all over again, and the more I watch, the more impressed I am. I read so many reviews where people complain about Tom Welling being Clark Kent, and I must say, I beg to differ. He is exactly what the show needed: a teenager struggling to find his place. I am almost at the end of season five now. This is really just a quick review, more of the things that the creator’s got right as opposed to an in depth review on the show. I will do a full scale review of Smallville once I am through with it.

I think one of the things that this show got down to a tee was the characters they wrote about and the actors that they had portray them. For example, Michael Rosenbaum playing Lex Luthor is just amazing. I really feel he deserves immense credit and praise for his role. This was the first time that Lex Luthor was depicted correctly. He was charismatic, evil, humourous, a good friend, lost, cold and traitorous, all at once. He gave Lex life that no other actor (sorry, Kevin Spacey!) ever could have hoped to. The friendship is pulled off flawlessly between Clark and Lex, and it makes sense how they could become bitter enemies. The show clearly demonstrated how drastically sour things went and why, and how things could have been vastly different with other choices. It is actually heart wrenching to watch them start to drift apart, and the fighting begin.

The Kents were done right. The relationship between Clark and his family is adequately shown here for once. It is clearly depicted how Clark Kent was raised, and what influenced him to become the future hero. The dynamic between Martha, Clark and Johnathan Kent is just astounding. I love all the subtle hints that have been added all over the show to illustrate what he will one day be. Lois Lane has grown on me, and Erica Durance did her character justice. She is irritating, loud, bold, bossy, bitchy and annoying, but she is what Lois is supposed to be: strong and head fast  Not batting her eyelashes, begging to be saved, but cocky, and able to hold her own.

Lana Lang irritates me a little bit. She is so hot and then cold with Clark, and has a million guys floating around at any given stage. She falls for Kryptonite-infected guys in Smallville repetitively, and hates Clark for interfering when he tries to save her, yet cries on his shoulder when he rescues her (yet again) and swears she will never doubt his intentions in future, only to do it again. Why, Lana, why?! I also don’t like her preaching about honesty, when she cannot even heed her own advice. However, I do understand the necessity to have her there.

This is just touching on the character. After all, there are ten seasons worth of characters and their growth, as well as story development. I think that as a Superman back story this show is fantastic! I will update you when I complete my journey in its entirety, and let you know what I thought of it overall. Up to where I have watched now, there have been a few godawful episodes (the most memorable being Spell and Thirst) but in general it has been well worth the watch (Lexmas was pretty cool). There has been a lot of emotional turmoil in season five, and immense frustration over all the time with the relationship between Clark and Lana, an turmoil over secrets getting out, and all the manipulation and underhandedness! I am also having trouble adapting to everyone being in university as opposed to high school. I think I got too used to it! I am loving it enough to have decided to start saving for a glorious collector’s edition, though! My penchant for such things really is becoming crazy!

2 thoughts on “Quick Mention: Smallville

  1. I loved Smallville and I thought Tom Welling did a wonderful job in the role of Clark Kent. As for Lana Lang I like Kristin Kreuk in the role; but my heart was all for Erica Durance as Lois Lane. I still say she may have been the best Lois out of all of them.


    1. Smallville was a fun watch for me (except season 7) and I enjoyed it. Tom Welling really was far better than most people gave him credit for. Kristin Kreuk was fine for me, it is just that they dragged that whole love thing on between her and Clark on for far too long it sort of lost the magic. Durance was fantastic. She had the spunk and attitude that I have yet to see from another actress.


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