Anne Rice Collection

Today I am just posting about my Anne Rice collection, or, more accurately, my Vampire Chronicles collection.

This was one of the most intense collections that I had to build up. It took me years, and a lot of time, patience and money, and I finally have it. I want to buy all the covers like the matte black ones, as I love that cover edition that was released. I have the Vampire Chronicles as they are, and one book from The New Tales of the Vampires, being Pandora

I was brutally disappointed with Pandora, and I am very fortunate that it was not the first book of hers that I ever read. Had it been, I think I would have given all of the books a skip, and I would have missed out. I also did not buy Vittorio, the Vampire. I borrowed that from the library and I was glad that I had not bought it. The New Tales of the Vampires are very disappointing. They seriously lack in rich writing style, succulent details or any of the old elegance.

I would not recommend The Vampire Chronicles for light reading, per se, as they are extremely well written, the language is amazing, and the sentence construction is great. It reads as though written by a language purist; that is to say, traditional English. However, they are very engrossing, with stunning stories and complicated characters. They are worth the read, in my opinion.

I have grown rather fond of Lestat, the Vampire, but only because he tends to be the central character of Anne Rice’s works. I would far prefer to read of many of the other characters, such as Armand, my favourite, Quinn, Marius and the rest of them. I feel that when breaking away from Lestat as a core character, she successfully wrote of others only in the original Vampire Chronicles. We read of Marius’s story in Blood and Gold, of Merrick in Merrick, of Armand in The Vampire Armand, Louis in Interview with the Vampire and Quinn in Blackwood Farm. The others are more exclusively dedicated to Lestat, although he has major roles in almost all the other vampires’ novels.

So there we go, my Anne Rice collection shared! Have you got any collections that took you awhile to build on, or that you are currently cultivating?

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